The Cube International group brings Sustainable Modular Portable Buildings to Major Global Events

30 Jun 2021

The Cube International group and its portable building division, Cube Modular, is revolutionizing the international sports and events industry with its market-leading, award-winning and ecofriendly portable accommodation solution; Continest foldable containers.

Utilising innovative foldable container technology, Continest’s flat-packed containers are specifically designed to enable quick and easy transportation, installation and relocation, and have won many plaudits from around the globe.

A great solution for any event or venue looking to increase its facility or temporary accommodation capacity in an environmentally conscious way, Continest units are the perfect portable building solution to help meet sustainability targets. Due to their patented design, multiple units can be transported on a single truck, enabling huge savings on road haulage costs and equally impressive reductions in carbon emissions: a foldable building solution which offers an 80% reduction in logistical and storage costs, and a similar reduction in CO2 and GHG emissions, compared to traditional, fixed framed buildings.


  • Market-leading & Award-winning
  • Sustainable & Eco-friendly
  • Modular & Stackable
  • 80% reduction in transport costs
  • 80% reduction in logistical costs
  • 80% reduction in storage costs
  • 80% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 80% reduction in GHG emissions
  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Unique patented foldable design

Continest units, available in two sizes, CN10 (10’) and CN20 (20’), provide easy jointing to create larger structures, including multi-storey buildings, and can be used for any functionality, including as retail, catering, accommodation or office space.

Currently seen at multiple EURO2020 venues and stadia, where the larger, CN20, containers have been specifically designed and modified to create pop-up retail merchandising shops, each unit has been fully equipped with lighting, shop fittings, branding, counters and display units.

euro2020 fan shop, amsterdam
euro2020 fanstore in bucharest
euro2020 fan shop, amsterdam
euro2020 fanstore in bucharest

Continest units have also been used at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, where 120 CN10 and CN20 units were deployed to create an impressive service centre structure for specialist ski companies in order to provide the repair and preparation needed for the equipment of many of the event’s international teams.

euro2020 logo

The Cube International group is continually working with its global partners to specially develop the Continest modular building and making it perfect for use within any industry.

By making sustainability an integral part of its strategy and operations, Cube aims to achieve long-term returns and generate a positive impact for society and the environment.


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Part of the Cube International group, Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses.