NATO awards Continest official supplier status for its CN10 and CN20 foldable containers

NATO awards Continest official supplier status for its CN10 and CN20 foldable containers


NATO awards Continest official supplier status for its CN10 and CN20 foldable containers

Cube Modular, as the UK and Ireland’s sole distributor of Continest’s foldable containers, is delighted to announce that the Continest CN10 and CN20 foldable containers have received the NSN (NATO Stock Number) code.

Brandon Weston, MD of Cube Modular, said “The NATO Codification System is the biggest and most comprehensive in the world, used by over 60 countries. In the UK it is used for all procurement by the army, navy and air force and ensures form, fit and function are met through the supply chain. We are very proud to be Continest’s exclusive partner for the supply of their unique, ground-breaking and award-winning portable building products.”

The NSN is a 13-digit numerical code which identifies all the ‘standardised material items of supply’ as they have been recognised by all NATO countries. The codification system is used by the forces of all the NATO countries (army, navy and air force), as well as those of non-NATO countries that participate in the NATO Codification System (NCS). In fact, there are more non-NATO countries using the NCS than there are NATO countries. All products are procured through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

    Continest Truck
    Continest Container

    Continest’s market-leading and award-winning modular foldable containers have won many plaudits from across the globe. Utilising innovative foldable container technology, the flat-packed container units are specifically designed to enable quick and easy transportation, installation and relocation in an economical and environment-friendly way. Due to their patented design, multiple units can be transported on a single truck, enabling huge savings on road haulage costs and impressive reductions in carbon emissions: a foldable building solution which offers an 80% reduction in logistical and storage costs, and a similar reduction in CO2 and GHG emissions, compared to traditional, fix-framed buildings.

    In-house manufacturing allows Continest to acquire components from nearby suppliers, thus further reducing the carbon footprint of its products. Factory construction also enables the company to recycle more, and waste less, materials, providing clients with a greener and more sustainable building option.

    With R&D an ongoing commitment, Continest have developed a 100% recyclable insulation solution, as well as CN20 Solar, connectable Wet Cell, and bullet and blast protected foldable versions of its products.

    NATO base

    Awards and Certifications include:

    • Winners of the 2019 Showman’s Show Green Supplier and Innovation award
    • Runners Up at the Tech Startup Pitch contest
    • Featured in IQ’s Green Guardians
    • ISO14001 accredited
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    containers and truck

    About NATO

    NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 European and North American countries. The organisation implements the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949. NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means.

    About Continest

    Continest manufactures innovative, market-leading, foldable containers, specifically developed for quick and easy set up and transportation. Due to the modular buildings’ patented foldable design, multiple units can be transported on a single truck offering huge savings in road haulage costs, logistic and storage costs, and impressive reductions in CO2 and GHG emissions to help meet sustainability targets. Continest’s award-winning and multi-functional containers have been used at events, festivals, and venues across the globe.

    About Cube Modular

    Cube Modular, part of the Cube International group, is a specialist designer and manufacturer of modular portable buildings. The company brings unique, forward-thinking and game-changing concepts to the portable building industry and creates buildings and structures of exceptional design, quality and construction. Offering a full turn-key solution, from concept design to off-site construction, Cube Modular delivers bespoke solutions to many leading brands and venues, including global events, festivals, sports stadia, supermarkets, airports and hospitals.

    Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses.