Cube Joins Safe Event Scheme As Official Partner

Cube Joins Safe Event Scheme As Official Partner


Cube Joins Safe Event Scheme As Official Partner

Supporting the safe return of the events industry post COVID19, we’re delighted to announce the Cube International group as Official Partner of the Safe Event Scheme.

The Safe Event Scheme is an initiative devised to help the events industry get back on its feet and allows venues, rights holders and event operators to plan, manage and implement a responsible set of standardised safety measures.

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The Safe Event Scheme logo is a simple way for people to recognise sporting and cultural events that have been planned, produced, and managed safely and responsibly. Responding to the COVID19 challenge, the Safe Event Scheme promotes responsible event safety compliance. Events accredited by the scheme can demonstrate their commitment to operating responsibly and provide assurance to event visitors, spectators, staff and participants.

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Benefits of the Scheme

The scheme provides the following benefits:


  • A comprehensive and integrated best practice solution with flexibility to meet specific needs
  • It enables event planners to encompass COVID19 measures without compromising other statutory and commercial obligations


  • For event industry associations, trade bodies and sports governing bodies, it offers a cross-sector and universal assurance mark. Through the Affiliate Partner Programme they can demonstrate their robust commitment to the safe and responsible planning and management for the events which they sanction or support
  • For commercial, municipal and media partners it offers reassurance and clarity that the events they lend their support to are safe and responsible
  • For suppliers it promotes a culture and ethos for all those working within the event, during its planning, build, operation and de-rig phase


  • It provides those wishing to attend events with a recognisable assurance mark, giving them the confidence to enjoy the events they love
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The Scheme’s Three-Stage Process

The scheme involves a standardised three-stage process which covers the planning, infrastructure and operational elements of any event, the planning, provision and performance, and which can apply to any event type, whether local or global. The processes involved will incorporate industry-leading commercial and compliance expertise, best-in-class operational support, and global-leading event technology solutions.

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