Cube Provides First CT Scan Modular Unit for Hallmarq at Valley Equine Hospital

Cube Provides First CT Scan Modular Unit for Hallmarq at Valley Equine Hospital

Cube Provides First CT Scan Modular Unit for Hallmarq at Valley Equine Hospital

We’re thrilled to be in collaboration with Hallmarq to deliver an all-time first state-of-the-art modular building, with a standing leg CT scanner for horses, to Valley Equine Hospital in Berkshire. 

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With a substantial caseload of thoroughbred horses, Valley Equine Hospital is now poised to revolutionise the early identification of distal limb pathology through the utilisation of this advanced diagnostic tool within a portable building. 

The introduction of a standing CT scanner within a portable structure offers numerous advantages over previous methods. CT scanning provides a wealth of information that surpasses the capabilities of radiography. It also reduces radiation exposure to staff. Furthermore, scanning is considerably quicker, enabling prompt diagnosis and treatment planning. 

With easy installation, the Cube x Hallmarq modular diagnostic room can be set up in any location and, once installed, is ready for immediate use. The standing equine leg CT offers safe scanning, with an easy entry and exit system, without the need for general anaesthesia. Full ongoing support is also provided from the team at Hallmarq to ensure maximum use of the facility, including staff training. 

A Safer Alternative

Valley Equine Hospital, with a substantial caseload of thoroughbred horses, chose the Hallmarq standing CT scanner, due to its ability to scan using just standing sedation. This ensures a safer and more efficient experience for the horses when compared to general anaesthesia. By working closely with Hallmarq’s training team, the veterinary professionals at Valley Equine hospital are actively optimising sedation techniques and patient positioning to achieve the best possible results. 

Tom McParland, Valley Equine Hospital’s surgeon, expressed his enthusiasm for the new device, stating: “The installation of the Hallmarq standing CT scanner is a fantastic addition to our hospital. We are confident that this diagnostic modality will significantly enhance our ability to identify not just thoroughbred fetlock pathology earlier but improve our diagnostic abilities of the distal limb for all our equine patients, racing, and leisure alike.” 

The portable Hallmarq standing CT scanner unit is set to revolutionise the equine world with many more units set to be installed at veterinary hospitals across the globe.  

Cube Provides First CT Scan Modular Room for Hallmarq

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