Cube During Covid-19

Cube During Covid-19

Cube During Covid-19

Thinking outside the box during a global pandemic

Since the beginning of 2020, with the global sports industry and much of the world at a standstill at various times due to the pandemic, the innovations team at Cube has been working hard to provide support and solutions for businesses and events in the wake of WHO and UK Government Covid-19 guidelines.

Cube launched its ‘Don’t Pass It On’ hand sanitiser stations in March 2020, the first of its kind in the world; a simple concept to encourage hand sanitation for spectators, visitors and staff at public venues in order to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Tried and tested in the vigorous environment of sports events, the units made their first appearance at the Six Nations and at  Cheltenham Racecourse. Following the ban on sports events they have since been deployed at venues and businesses across Europe, including the NHS frontline, airports, hospitals, supermarkets, football clubs, schools and nursing homes.

Utilising Cube’s modular foldable containers, the Cube team have developed several other important products to support the war on Covid, including the design of Care Home Visitor Pods, a covid-secure portable building which ensures safe visitations for relatives and residents. In addition, Cube’s innovative portable buildings were deployed at major venues across the UK as Covid-19 swab collection stations and hi-tech clinical testing laboratories. 

Working with expert partners from across the events industry, Cube is also actively involved in The Safe Event Scheme, a standardised process for ensuring events are planned, delivered and managed safely and responsibly. The scheme is set to become a benchmark for the sports and events industries.


I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for all your hard work in helping Sainsbury’s to feed the nation during this extraordinary time. I thank you for your commitment, your professionalism and above all your continued support.”
Patrick Dunne, Sainsbury’s Director of Property, Procurement and Cost Transformation

I would like to say how impressed we were with the Heathrow (Covid-19 screening test facility) installation. Nick Markham and I took the senior Heathrow team around the site today as part of an operational readiness review and they were very impressed with the professionalism of the build.
Steve Chilton, COO, Cignpost Diagnostics


Once it’s all over, we’ll do amazing things again

When the global crisis is over, our industry will have faced some very tough and challenging times. It will, no doubt, also have been given the opportunity to be refreshed, invigorated and re-energised. No one is quite sure what the future holds, but the Cube group is ready to provide you with the services, products and support you need. As a collective team, we will bring fresh concepts, forward-thinking solutions and exciting new ideas to your brand and business.
Together, we will achieve amazing things again.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing right now! (edited March 2022)

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses.