Behaviour Centred Approach

Rather than focusing on our internal efforts, Cube International, will assist its suppliers, clients, and partners to deliver upon their objectives and targets to operate sustainably within a circular economic model.


We are committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees and the global communities in which we operate. Our business takes the necessary measures to carry out its statutory, moral, and social duties to the highest standards. Our business strives to achieve these commitments by satisfying all legal and other compliance obligations, at a minimum, by continually improving our management systems and through following these key principles:

  1. Setting clear objectives and regularly monitoring and evaluating progress through periodic management reviews.
  2. Meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements.
  3. A commitment to have the lowest possible negative impact on the natural world by:
    • Actively measuring and monitoring environmental impacts
    • Reducing waste, maximising the reuse, and recycling of materials and managing disposal responsibly
    • Ensuring our use of natural resources (energy, water, products we buy) is sustainable
    • Recognising that the minimum acceptable level of environmental performance is that stipulated in UK Environmental Legislation (or higher in certain countries)
    • Protecting the environment by seeking to avoid and reduce the pollution of air, water and land that may result as a consequence ofour business operations
    • Ensuring that our activities are sensitive to the local community and that we leave areas exactly as they were found
    • Developing awareness of environmental context and initiatives to encourage proactive stakeholder engagement 
    • Providing suitable environmental training for our staff and continuously promoting sustainability and environmental awareness within our supply chain.


With sustainability at the heart of Cube International’s business operations, a strong governance structure is needed to deliver the business vision of creating better futures through our core principles of Reimagine, Empower, Activate. 


Our sustainability team is responsible for delivering on the strategic approach, which is to deliver events sustainably, leave positive impacts and leave a legacy which will raise global awareness of the benefits of our holistic and integrated approach to sustainability.


  • Leadership & Innovation: To reinforce our leadership, brand reputation and credibility through the adoption of the best internationally recognised standards, or sustainable event management and environmental excellence in sporting events globally
  • Environmental Excellence: To implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within our environmental strategy and align our carbon emissions with climate science best practice
  • Social Progress: To build more inclusive, resilient and diverse communities within the cities and countries we operate, through the implementation of our strategic sustainability engagement plan
  • Creating Values: To enhance our business and partners’ brand visibility and reputation by developing bespoke sustainability campaigns at our events and activations
  • ISO20121: Cube International is ISO20121 certified by the British Standards Institute. We commit to work within this management system for sustainable events management certification
  • B Corp Certification: We are working diligently towards achieving B Corp certification to verify we are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

Performance & Review

Our business measures its environmental health, safety and sustainability performance against established standards and this performance is reviewed by the Board of Directors and Safety & Sustainability team on a regular basis. 

The business seeks to ensure that contractors who undertake any activities on our behalf have a similar approach to their sustainability performance. This commitment will be reviewed and audited annually, consistent with our company performance objectives.