Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce


New Offices installed at RR warehouse, including bespoke spiral staircase

Rolls Royce collaborated with Cube for a second year in a row, in order to add an additional unit to a pre-existing unit to create a 2-storey office space at its warehouse in East Grinstead.  

Rolls Royce Installation
Rolls Royce Staircase

The bespoke unit, which was built with additional windows to give clear visibility to the workshop floor, was built in a very tight space. The new office, required to be built under a gantry, needed Cube’s planning expertise to make sure the installation would take place as smoothly as possible.

Once the team had completed the onsite build successfully, the unit was then skilfully moved into place with a forklift, navigating various obstacles across the workshop floor. 

Rolls Royce Staircase
Rolls Royce Offices

Once the unit was in place, heating and cooling systems were then installed to both office units. The team also installed a bespoke spiral staircase to access each of the offices. 

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