Monopoly Lifesized

Monopoly Lifesized


Promoting London’s Newest Tourist Attraction

Last weekend (7 -10 April), Cube Sight & Sound made its way to Leicester Square, London, as part of a new activation to promote Monopoly Lifesized, a brand-new challenge attraction in London.

Monopoly Lifesized, based in Tottenham Court Road, has been created to bring a new way to play the planet’s favourite board game. A physical 4D experience whereby competitors have 80 minutes to move around a giant board completing challenge rooms to buy properties, using state of the art technology.

Monopoly Logo

Cube was contracted to provide a promotional unit for the attraction in London’s busy Leicester Square over the Easter weekend. Utilising one of our unique Sight & Sound units, consisting of a pop-up retail unit with a large 6m x 3m LED screen on top, the fully branded unit drew in the crowds, consisting mainly of young adults and families, to whom leaflets were given to promote the new attraction.

Monopoly Lifesized Cube Sight & Sound
Monopoly Lifesized Cube Sight & Sound

James Lauchlan, Cube’s Project Manager, said “Such an exciting activation to be a part of! Like most people, having played hundreds of games of Monopoly throughout my life and now getting involved with a Lifesized version of the game was brilliant. It was great having the unit in Leicester Square seeing the crowd being drawn in by the screen infrastructure and with a photobooth set up, all the fun of this classic game was incorporated via an interactive touch.”

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses. 




Cube Brings Award-Winning Event Retail Infrastructure Solutions to RLWC2021

As the RLWC2021 came to an end in November, we take a look back at our journey through what has been the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup ever!

When the Cube International group announced its partnership with RLWC2021 as the event’s Official Retail Partner in 2020, the Cube team were all set to bring a full, best in-class, merchandise, and retail programme to the event, including the operation of bespoke official merchandise stores at each of the 61 matches across the men’s, women’s, and wheelchair tournaments. The three tournaments, were to be held together for the first time in the tournament’s history, and planned to take place across 21 venues throughout England.

rlwc2021 logo

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament had to be postponed for year, making the event officially open on 15th October 2022. Despite the year’s delay, the Cube group worked in close collaboration with the RLWC2021 team throughout. Both Cube Partnership, Cube’s expert sports retail, ecommerce, licensing and merchandise division and Cube Management, Cube’s well-established event operations, infrastructure and services business, joined the Cube Modular team in providing a full online and onsite retail and merchandise programme for the RLWC2021.

Cube Partnership built its RLWC2021 product propositions around the tournaments’ official branded suppliers including replica jerseys from the thirty-two competing nations, complemented by additional ranges of Cube-designed own-label collections. The official merchandise collections have been available on the Cube-operated official RLWC2021 online store since September 2020 and were on sale at all the tournament’s venues and stadia.

rlwc 2021 merch

The onsite merchandise programme, managed by Cube Partnership’s retail ops team, included 5 managers, 3 retail teams and 170 sales assistants, and brought official merchandise products to fans and visitors across the tournament venues for the duration of the event. Cube Management managed the installation of all the fully branded shops, working in close collaboration with Cube Modular, the suppliers of the units. For maximum installation efficiency, the Management team based its operations in Oldham for two months, a central location close to all the venues, where the units were built, stored and transported to and from each stadium venue.

cube at rlwc2021
cube at rlwc2021
rlwc2021 merch
rlwc2021 cube team

In addition, the Women’s Sports Alliance, also part of the Cube International group, gave the event a global story telling platform, bringing to light some of the most inspirational female players’ stories, profiling their journey before and during the event. The WSA successfully managed to build hype not only around the teams, but also the whole tournament, including championing the inclusivity element of the tournament through creatives, including film, photography and journalism.

For the finals held at Old Trafford, Manchester, Cube showcased its award-winning new innovation Cube Sight & Sound – a new event, stadium and venue retail solution, incorporating a large format video screen situated above one of its retail, merchandise or F&B modular portable buildings. Bringing promotional, activation and revenue-making opportunities, the unit perfectly demonstrated its brand activation, product visualisation and information sharing capabilities at live events. 

Andy Smith, Cube Partnership’s Retail Director, said: “We were thrilled to be involved in the RLWC2021, the pinnacle event of rugby league. The onsite retail programme may have been complex, as it included the three tournaments in one combined schedule with 58 stores at 21 venues and over 170 staff, but we are so pleased that it was a success and that we have been a part of its legacy in making it the ‘biggest and best’ Rugby League World Cup ever.”

Brandon Weston, Cube Modular’s MD, added: “It was great to see our sustainable retail units being utilised at this major, global, and celebrated event. It was another fabulous demonstration of just how versatile Cube Modular’s range of units can be, and how they can be transported from venue to venue in a short space of time. A true showcase of their incredibly flexible nature!”

Harry Lonsdale, Cube Management’s Project Manager, concluded: “A lot of preparation went into the planning of this globally renowned event. With the busy logistical nature of the tournaments over the different venues, Cube was proud to showcase all the different retail outlets and merchandise propositions that it can offer and its operational, logistical and installation expertise. I can’t believe the tournaments are already over!”

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses. 

Children’s Day Nursery

Children’s Day Nursery


Temporary Modular Nursery Classrooms

Little Ripley Children's Day Nusery - Cube Modular
  • ECI, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, collaborative with nursery staff
  • Minor works contract with contractor design
  • Turnkey solution within Education sector
  • M&E integration
  • Delivery within school environment, out of hours to safeguard children

Cube Modular installed two temporary classrooms configured using its standard award-winning Continest CN20 (6m x 2.4m) foldable units jointed together to create buildings of the required size.

Initial site survey revealed a relatively steep sloping site. To overcome the challenging terrain Cube liaised closely with the nursery’s existing building contractor to propose a safe solution. Cube provided a detailed site plan, drawings and specification to enable the builder to construct blockwork levelling pads prior to installation.

Installation took place outside nursery opening hours to safeguard children, parents and staff. De-rig took place during opening hours but avoiding key drop off and collection times, site safety managed via RAMS and Cube’s CHAS / CDM compliant standard operating procedures.

All 5 units were transported on one truck due to their foldable nature, taking 4 trucks off the road during delivery and collection and reducing the carbon footprint associated with the installation.

Little Ripley rented the units for five months initially and then extended for a further six months. During this time, Cube provided on-call maintenance services.

Little Ripley Children's Day Nusery - Cube Modular
Little Ripley Children's Day Nusery - Cube Modular

Twelve months ago, at Little Ripley we had to complete major building works on our Children’s Day Nursery. Cube Modular came to our rescue. They installed two large modular classrooms on our carpark which has comfortably and safely housed our children throughout that time. The product, service and communication by Cube Modular has been outstanding. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Tom Oakey

Director, Little Ripley Nurseries

Little Ripley Children's Day Nursery - Cube Modular

Performance to a high standard

    • ISO/SSIP accredited quality/environmental/safety management systems enabled snag-free, CDM-compliant delivery
    • Client, Staff and other Contractors on site engagement to ensure all aspects of delivered modular solutions are fit for purpose, support provided to staff to ensure installation is fully usable as intended
    • Regular consultation on delivery and sharing lessons learnt across all sites
    • Compact Continest containers reduce haulage costs and CO2 by over 2/3

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses. 

Eurofins COVID-19 Testing Facilities

Eurofins COVID-19 Testing Facilities


Covid-19 Testing Facilities

We have partnered with ECTS to bring convenient and reliable COVID-19 testing facilities to British holiday-makers, available at various ASDA car parks across the UK. ECTS is part of the Eurofins Group, the global leader in bio-analysis and laboratory testing.

Alongside a new hybrid fuel cell system which uses stored power to generate electricity for the pod, substantially reducing generator use, the project also makes use of Continest – our unique, foldable building solution. Utilising innovative building technology, the units can be folded down and stacked for transport, thus enabling a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to fixed portable building systems. Available in two sizes, transport allows ten CN20s (10x20ft) or twenty CN10s (20x10ft) to be transported on a single truck.

With at least 10 sites already installed, and a further 20 sites due to be installed in the coming weeks, the initiative has the potential to ease Brits into their return to travel with a hyper-convenient ‘test to depart’ service. Up to 50 sites have been agreed upon, with the potential for further expansion, helping to relieve stress as a return to travel ramps up.

Locations of the 10 existing testing pods include ASDA sites in: Ashford, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Falmouth, Hereford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea, Wheatley and Yeovil.

eurofins covid testing services logo

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses. 

London E-Prix 2021

London E-Prix 2021


Cube showcases its sustainable temporary portable building solutions at ABB FIA Formula E World Championship event

  • Full event organisation infrastructure
  • 100+ units installed
  • Unique design with foldable technology
  • Reduced haulage: 13 trucks, as opposed to 65 trucks needed for standard containers
  • 80% reduction in transport carbon emissions
  • Fully modular and stackable
  • World’s most sustainable temporary portable building solution
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Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses.