Promoting London’s Newest Tourist Attraction

Last weekend (7 -10 April), Cube Sight & Sound made its way to Leicester Square, London, as part of a new activation to promote Monopoly Lifesized, a brand-new challenge attraction in London.

Monopoly Lifesized, based in Tottenham Court Road, has been created to bring a new way to play the planet’s favourite board game. A physical 4D experience whereby competitors have 80 minutes to move around a giant board completing challenge rooms to buy properties, using state of the art technology.

Monopoly Logo

Cube was contracted to provide a promotional unit for the attraction in London’s busy Leicester Square over the Easter weekend. Utilising one of our unique Sight & Sound units, consisting of a pop-up retail unit with a large 6m x 3m LED screen on top, the fully branded unit drew in the crowds, consisting mainly of young adults and families, to whom leaflets were given to promote the new attraction.

Monopoly Lifesized Cube Sight & Sound
Monopoly Lifesized Cube Sight & Sound

James Lauchlan, Cube’s Project Manager, said “Such an exciting activation to be a part of! Like most people, having played hundreds of games of Monopoly throughout my life and now getting involved with a Lifesized version of the game was brilliant. It was great having the unit in Leicester Square seeing the crowd being drawn in by the screen infrastructure and with a photobooth set up, all the fun of this classic game was incorporated via an interactive touch.”

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