Cube’s NOEA Judges’ Award Rounds-Off A Multi Award-Winning Year

19 Dec 2022

Cube Modular has won a total of five industry awards in 2022, the most recent coming from National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) last month. NOEA presented Cube Modular with the coveted ‘Judges’ Award’, recognising the importance of innovation in the industry going forward. A delighted James Lauchlan, Cube Modular’s Sales Manager, received the trophy at the NOEA awards dinner.

The NOEA award follows four others for Cube Modular, all recognising the creativity of our company in reimagining infrastructure for the events industry and assisting organisers in their goals to reduce event carbon footprint.

Cube’s 5 Prestigious Award Wins

NOEA Judges’ Award

Green Supplier Award: Festival Supplier Award

Best Product Innovation Award: Major Events International

Green Guardians Award: IQ Magazine Class of 2022 Sustainable Suppliers and Innovators

Hire Industry Product of the Year Award: Hire Association Europe Hire Awards of Excellence

The company has exclusive UK and Ireland, as well as global sporting events, distributor rights for Continest unique foldable cabins, the most sustainable temporary portable accommodation solution available to the event and hire industries worldwide. Folded flat and stacked for transport and erected on site in just a few minutes, these innovative units provide robust and flexible temporary infrastructure for any venue, enabling events to reduce their CO2 and GHG emissions by up to 80%, compared to using traditional fixed framed cabins.

Reducing carbon footprint is a key priority for festivals, sporting and other major events, so the demand for more sustainable products from suppliers is on the increase. Travel and transport specifically has consistently been found to make up at least 80% of a typical event’s carbon footprint, with transportation of building infrastructure contributing significantly due to the size of the structures.

Cube Modular’s Managing Director Brandon Weston said “Receiving the prestigious ‘Judges’ Award’ from NOEA was the perfect way to round off a very successful year which has seen Cube become established as a key infrastructure supplier to the festivals and events industry. We’ve also consolidated our relationships with well-established sporting brands.”

cube award wins 2022

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses.