Cube x Eurofins COVID-19 Testing Facilities Pods Installed at ASDA Car Parks Across the UK

6 Aug 2021

We have partnered with ECTS to bring convenient and reliable COVID-19 testing facilities to British holiday-makers, available at various ASDA car parks across the UK. ECTS is part of the Eurofins Group, the global leader in bio-analysis and laboratory testing.

Alongside a new hybrid fuel cell system which uses stored power to generate electricity for the pod, substantially reducing generator use, the project also makes use of Continest – our unique, foldable building solution. Utilising innovative building technology, the units can be folded down and stacked for transport, thus enabling a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to fixed portable building systems. Available in two sizes, transport allows ten CN20s (10x20ft) or twenty CN10s (20x10ft) to be transported on a single truck.

With at least 10 sites already installed, and a further 20 sites due to be installed in the coming weeks, the initiative has the potential to ease Brits into their return to travel with a hyper-convenient ‘test to depart’ service. Up to 50 sites have been agreed upon, with the potential for further expansion, helping to relieve stress as a return to travel ramps up.

Locations of the 10 existing testing pods include ASDA sites in: Ashford, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Falmouth, Hereford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea, Wheatley and Yeovil.

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