Cube’s New Service Supports Events to Reduce Travel Impacts

2 Feb 2023

Cube has enhanced its service to the company’s event and festival partners by providing, at quotation stage, a summary of the carbon emissions that each project will incur through transportation. A new service aimed to aid discussion over maximising the efficiency of deliveries to ensure that clients can take advantage of carbon emission savings achieved through use of Cube’s sustainable infrastructure solutions.  

Ensuring our range of Cube’s Continest buildings, the most ecofriendly solution in the modular building industry, is even more flexible for use as retail, merchandising and box office units as well as security cabins, dressing rooms and admin offices, Cube’s able to provide an entire event infrastructure to venues, taking full advantage of transport, storage and logistics efficiencies.  

In addition, Cube provides each of its event and festival clients with a Travel Carbon Emissions Report using our partner, ecolibrium’s, carbon calculator tool. Headline figures show carbon emissions savings of 9,588kg for Boardmasters, 9,975kg for Black Deer, 16,788kg for Tartan Heart, and 11,000kg for On The Beach festivals. For those four festivals alone, 112 trucks were taken off the road because of using Cube’s Continest buildings. 

Continest fodlable containers
Continest Containers

In total over 1,000 units have been delivered to more than 40 festivals, music concerts and sporting events, including Chelsea Flower Show, Glastonbury, Formula E London and Monaco E-Prix and the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Total carbon savings from delivering our collapsible cabins to 15 UK festivals alone have topped 60,000Kg in the summer of 2022. 

CASE STUDY – Tartan Heart Festival, Inverness 


For the Tartan Heart Festival, Cube used just eight lorries to transport 24, 6m units and12, 3m units in and out of the festival instead of thirty lorries which would have been required to transport the equivalent number of units of traditional fixed framed cabins. The carbon emissions and savings achieved can be summarised as follows: – 

Transportation Carbon Emissions 

No. of trucks used Total mileage Carbon emissions (kg) based on DEFRA carbon conversion figures 
8 3,872 9,593.334 

Transportation Carbon Emissions Saved (compared to using traditional fixed framed buildings)

No. of trucks saved 

Total mileage Carbon emissions saved (kg) 
22 10,648 16,788.335 

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