Cube Modular Secures MumPod® Contract Set To Transform The Lives of Pregnant And Breastfeeding Mothers

21 Apr 2021

Cube Modular has secured a contract with MumPod® Company Limited (MPCL) to manufacture a range of MumPod® structures, designed to create supportive, enabling environments for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

The ‘MumPod®’ initiative will provide employers and public venues with an easy-to-install, portable solution which offers a private, comfortable space for pregnant and breastfeeding employees and visitors to rest, feed or express. The self-contained and wheelchair accessible units will feature comfortable integrated seating with extendable footrest, wipe clean surfaces, interchangeable external sleeves for branding/advertising and internal digital screens. A dedicated MumPod® app is also in development for booking and access applications.

For corporate businesses, deploying a MumPod® is a great way to protect the health and wellbeing of female staff, reduce sick leave and ensure the retention of female employees. Installing MumPods at public venues, such as airports, shopping centres and event venues, will be equally supportive to mothers, offering them a great incentive and supportive environment to travel, shop and socialise.

MPCL approached its local MediLink team for a health innovation grant to build the prototype and outsource the manufacturing process. Rosamund McFadden, Managing Director of MumPod® Company Limited, said: “We are happy to say that the winning tender came from Cube Modular. Cube offered a very impressive tender presentation including the opportunity for exciting collaborations within their sporting network, as well working on equality for sportswomen during pregnancy and the postnatal period.”

For Cube Modular, a specialist company with core expertise in modular portable buildings, the partnership with MPCL marks an expansion of its business activity into the design, development, and deployment of unique modular solutions.

Brandon Weston, Cube Modular’s MD said: “Cube strives to reimagine, empower and innovate and we are delighted that MumPod® Company Limited shares this vision as they are looking to introduce an innovative new product to the marketplace. As part of the Cube International group, including the Women’s Sports Alliance, we champion equality at all levels. We are therefore delighted to be involved in the design and launch of a product to help women at work and at public venues during an important and special phase of their lives.”

The first MumPod® prototype will be launched in the summer. 

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