Cube and ecolibrium unite to help tackle CO2 travel emissions for live events

11 Nov 2021

Cube Modular is delighted to announce ecolibrium as its new charity partner. ecolibrium will help the sustainability-pioneering portable building accommodation solutions company to tackle its annual carbon emissions from travel, finding ways to reduce impacts where possible, and make climate investments to address unavoidable emissions.

Cube shares ecolibrium’s mission in finding solutions to help the live events industry reduce carbon emissions from travel and transport – typically the biggest contributor to an event’s overall carbon footprint. Through its modular, multifunctional portable buildings, which include Continest containers, Cube offers the most mobile and sustainable temporary portable building solution in the modular accommodation industry. Thanks to the containers’ patented design, ten units can be transported on a single truck, offering huge savings on road haulage costs and similar reductions in carbon emissions. The units are also uniquely developed for quick and easy set up; a foldable solution offering an 80% cut in logistical and storage costs, and impressive reductions in CO2 and GHG emissions.

Both Cube Modular and ecolibrium will be at the Event Buyers Live conference (EBL), 29th Nov – 1st Dec, where ecolibrium will host a panel on tackling the environmental impacts of travel and transport at live events, bringing together environmental consultant, Liz Warwick (Lansdowne Warwick), Graham McVoy (Site & Ops Manager, Boomtown Fair), Brandon Weston (MD, Cube Modular) and Naomi Lawson (Project Manager, ecolibrium) to discuss the challenge and look at strategies for reducing travel carbon emissions at events, with a focus on innovation in the supply chain and how stakeholders across the sector can collaborate to create positive change. At EBL Cube Modular are set to launch a new range of foldable buildings to further help events cut travel carbon emissions from the supply chain.

Brandon Weston, Cube Modular’s MD, said:

“We are thrilled to be working in partnership with ecolibrium to tackle travel emissions. Our innovative foldable Continest buildings are designed to reduce carbon footprint through massive transport efficiencies. With the help of ecolibrium’s guidance, we look forward to achieving our sustainability goals in every aspect of our business, as well as supporting their existing climate investment projects.”

ecolibrium’s Communication Manager, Bethan Riach, added:

“We are delighted to have found a partner who shares our mission to help the live events industry address environmental impacts of travel. Cube Modular has a proven track record of solutions that allow events to cut carbon emissions from the supply chain through their innovative range of products and services.”

ecolibrium was founded in 2015 as a live events industry response to the climate crisis – a community of events, festivals, suppliers, artists and music companies taking action to tackle the impacts of travel. ecolibrium provides resources, tools, advice and inspiration to reduce travel emissions and invest in climate solutions – supporting ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy generation. Since 2015, ecolibrium has helped to fund eight renewable energy projects, planted over 33,000 trees, and protected over 12,000 acres of threatened rainforest.

cube modular transport sustainability graphic

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