Lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Year On

Lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Year On

Lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Year On

At the start of 2020, with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the event innovations team at Cube responded to the need for the sporting community to reduce risk of transmission through enhanced hand hygiene measures whilst communicating public health messages at events.

The result? Cube’s ‘Don’t Pass It On’ hand sanitiser station initiative.

Within the space of less than a week, our hand sanitiser stations were designed, manufactured and installed at Twickenham for the Six Nations and at the Cheltenham Gold Cup, providing the event organisers with a simple method to support hand sanitation for visitors, staff and guests in order to try and help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

hand sanitiser station being used by cheltenham festival visitors
hand santiser station at six nations rugby, twickenham

Since then, and during lockdown, our range of hand sanitising stations have been adopted by a range of businesses and venues, including the NHS, airports, the rail network, mainstream supermarkets as well as sports grounds, stadia and clubs.

Cube has continued to innovate throughout the pandemic, responding very quickly to develop and supply modular building solutions including temporary COVID test processing laboratories, care home visitor pods, and portable vaccination centres and testing centres.

It has been a challenging time for everyone and we’re proud of what we have managed to achieve. Some of our solutions will no doubt be in demand for some years to come if not for the long term. After so many cancelled events and competition behind closed doors it is a real pleasure to be receiving so many enquiries about our event solutions as organisers prepare to welcome back the public.






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