Cube International launches Cube Sight & Sound

Cube International launches Cube Sight & Sound

Cube International launches Cube Sight & Sound

Cube International (Cube) is excited to launch Cube Sight & Sound – a new event, stadium and venue retail solution, incorporating a large format video screen situated above a retail, merchandise or F&B portable building. The unit is being showcased by Cube at The Showman’s Show today.

cube sight & sound logo

Bringing promotional, activation and revenue-making opportunities to stadia and events, each unit incorporates a 6m screen mounted on top of one of Cube Modular’s fully brandable point of sale units. Opportunities for event and venue organisers include brand activation, product visualisation, information sharing, live action broadcast, gamification, or a combination of the above.

Cube’s new product offering is a prime example of how the Cube group of companies is forward thinking, unique in its approach and looking to re-imagine and re-invent stadia and events, by delivering innovative solutions which can increase revenue streams and maximise brand activation at venues.

The units fit particularly well within Cube Management’s event services portfolio. Jon Graham, Cube Management’s MD, said, “The potential applications for these new Cube Sight & Sound retail units are endless. We are really looking forward to working with our partners and clients to create an impact, add value and maximise brand activation and sponsorship possibilities across their stadia and venues.”

The screen cassette frame’s size matches the length of Cube Modular’s award-winning range of foldable Continest merchandising and retail units perfectly, allowing the biggest screen width possible above the units and enabling eco-friendly transport of multiple, stacked units to take place. Up to 10 of the multi-purpose base units can be transported flat-packed and stacked on a single truck, leading to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to transporting the equivalent number of traditional fixed framed units.

The compact, neat and sustainable solution offers a rapidly installed pop-up retail opportunity with immediate activation, ideal for monetising event and festival brands, and will equally enhance stadium and sport fanzones.

Key applications for these versatile units include:

  • Public events, including sports, festivals, concerts and other live events
  • Retail environments and pop-up shops
  • Spectator villages and fan zones
  • Roadside and city centre public spaces
  • Showrooms, marketing suites and product launches
  • Corporate premises
  • Gamification

The concept was recently proven during the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games where a Cube Sight & Sound unit was installed at Brindley Place to welcome residents and sports fans into its central square location to enjoy watching the action, live in a community atmosphere.

Cube Sight & Sound at Brindley Place

Fitting neatly into the corner of the square with its small 6m x 2.4m footprint, a food and beverage unit was used to serve refreshments whilst fans watched the competition on the 6m x 3m screen above. The combination of pop-up café and cinema screen proved a winning formula throughout the Games fortnight and its popularity outstripped all expectations. The same unit was also used to screen the Women’s Euros final to a packed audience, during which food and drink sold out very quickly.

The Cube Sight & Sound installation can be viewed at Cube Modular’s Stand 138 on Avenue B, at The Showman’s Show, Newbury Showground on 19 and 20 October 2022. Alternatively, please contact the Cube team for more information.

Cube Sight and Sound unit at the Showman's Show 2022

Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses. 

Lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Year On

Lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Year On


Lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Year On

At the start of 2020, with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the event innovations team at Cube responded to the need for the sporting community to reduce risk of transmission through enhanced hand hygiene measures whilst communicating public health messages at events.

The result? Cube’s ‘Don’t Pass It On’ hand sanitiser station initiative.

Within the space of less than a week, our hand sanitiser stations were designed, manufactured and installed at Twickenham for the Six Nations and at the Cheltenham Gold Cup, providing the event organisers with a simple method to support hand sanitation for visitors, staff and guests in order to try and help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

hand sanitiser station being used by cheltenham festival visitors
hand santiser station at six nations rugby, twickenham

Since then, and during lockdown, our range of hand sanitising stations have been adopted by a range of businesses and venues, including the NHS, airports, the rail network, mainstream supermarkets as well as sports grounds, stadia and clubs.

Cube has continued to innovate throughout the pandemic, responding very quickly to develop and supply modular building solutions including temporary COVID test processing laboratories, care home visitor pods, and portable vaccination centres and testing centres.

It has been a challenging time for everyone and we’re proud of what we have managed to achieve. Some of our solutions will no doubt be in demand for some years to come if not for the long term. After so many cancelled events and competition behind closed doors it is a real pleasure to be receiving so many enquiries about our event solutions as organisers prepare to welcome back the public.






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Cube Modular designs and manufactures modular portable buildings and containers of exceptional design, quality and functionality for sports events, venues, stadia and businesses.